Mid Wales 2 day Adventure


Price is £150 per vehicle

based on two people sharing


This weekend adventure is about using your 4 x 4 vehicle to access our beautiful countryside, using “Green Lanes” to explore and see parts of the country 99 percent of the population never will. Pilgrims 4x4 Adventure tours abide by the GLASS code of conduct and operate a tread lightly policy. Accommodation can be either a campsite or a "wild camp" in the Welsh Mountains, this will be an individual choice.

This Welsh Adventure will be over 2 days, starting near Tywyn and finishing in Lampeter with an overnight stop in Pontarfynach. The Adventure will start with some steady lanes which will become increasingly more challenging as the Adventure progresses.

You will drive lanes such as "Happy Valley", “Cwm Rheiddol”, “Strata Florida”, “Soar y Mynydd” with many unknown and exciting lanes in between.

There will be sections of road travel where lanes are linked up, but these will be as scenic as possible there will also be plenty of opportunities to stop, take in the stunning scenery, have a brew, and take pictures.

The routes are chosen to be as non-damaging as possible, some lanes will have vegetation that may lightly scratch paintwork. The terrain will be varied…. from forest tracks to fords, all of which you will be navigated to and guided through safely.