Rust proofing for your vehicle.

Pilgrims 4x4 adventure tours are now offering a rust proofing service.

Previously our vehicles have been poorly rust proofed and so we began doing it ourselves and have been for the last 10 years.

We have used other well known products in the past, however after much research and good recommendations we now use Dinitrol products. We purchase complete kits from Dinitrol direct.

This service is offered at Pilgrims registered Hereford address, we are not a garage or qualified mechanics nor are we "professional" rust proofers, but we are diligent and thorough.

It is recommended that your vehicle be thoroughly cleaned underneath prior to treatment.  This can be done as a part of the proofing process if required and if so, we would need the vehicle the evening before the booked date. 

We are not affiliated to Dinitrol in any way, we just use their products because we believe they are the best.

Once you have booked your vehicle to be treated please email: with the dates you would like and the type of vehicle* you want to be treated, please bear in mind that we do run adventures so we may not be available immediately.

*This allows us to purchase the right kit for your vehicle. For examples of our work please visit our instagram page.