What we offer:

Pilgrims 4x4 Adventure Tours are offering Weekend Adventures in Wales and Adventures in Europe and North Africa.


Utilising our guides expert knowledge of locations from the valleys and mountains of Wales to the mountain ranges of the Pyrenees and Alps, the beautiful country of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the mountains and deserts of Morocco.

The Adventure duration's will be:

2 to 3 days Wales Adventures, a weekend or Bank holiday.

Pyrenees, Alps, Morocco, and Bosnia and Herzegovina adventures are 10  days to fit in with an average 2 week holiday. 

The tours will be vehicle based camping adventures aimed to accommodate people from all walks of life with varying levels of experience driving their own 4x4. The Adventures will be suitable for 4x4's with minimal modifications....a good set of all terrain tyres and a low/high box with expert guidance will see you through most challenges......for the rest, Pilgrims has all the equipment and expertise to get you through safely!