Our Guides

matt pic du midi.jpg

Matt is our lead guide, he is passionate about nature and travel and is most at home, outdoors.  Be it Mountains, jungle, arctic or desert, on foot or driving.

He has extensive experience driving in Europe the Middle East, Balkans, Norway, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe South Africa the US and of course the UK. 

Matt holds an instructor and assessors NPTC (City and Guilds) qualification in offroad driving and winching. He is an SIA licenced Close Protection Officer, which is inclusive of an FPOSi qualification.  He is also a SERE instructor, a qualification obtained during a long Military career. 

On a personal note,  Matt likes strong coffee, beef Jerky and the colour orange!


Paul is an excellent navigator and co-pilot, he is passionate about food and travel and is most at home making a stunning meal out of nothing.  

He has extensive experience driving in Europe, and the Australian outback and of course the UK. 

Paul is a trained NPTC (City and Guilds)  off-road driver and winch operator.

He is a qualified chef and worked in some prestigious restaurants in London, Cornwall and Wales but his best creations are made on an open fire in the Mountains ... better than any gourmet restaurant!  He is also a qualified First Aider.  

On a personal note, Paul likes surfing and mountain biking as well as any other outdoor activity as well as being an awesome Barista!